Wooden and Aluminium Shutters

Wooden & Aluminium Shutters

Our Wooden Shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and standards with a variety of colours and grain finishes to choose from. The Wooden Shutters are available in different systems with customisation which you will only find from luminos. Phoenix Wood, also known as Kiri Wood or “the wood of the future “is used to manufacture our Wooden Shutters. Wooden Shutters carry a 3 year warranty!

Aluminium Shutters are manufactured to the highest standards and quality with chip resistant powder coated aluminium. The Aluminium Shutters are steam, heat and moisture resistant and are available for interior and exterior use. They are currently available in white and anodised silver colour and have three system options with the secret tilt function coming standard on the panels. The Aluminium Shutters also has a top and bottom bolt locking set which can be used for additional protection. It is a beautiful decoration with a strong security feature. The Aluminium Shutters carry a 5 year warranty.