• 100% Aluminium Doors
  • Retractable & fixed security barriers.

Advantages of our Security Doors:

  1. Made with Aluminium- Rust resistance inland & Coastal
  2. Single upright- Doesn’t allow leverage for a crowbar to get in between a double vertical.
  3. No nylon of plastic components- Allows for a maximum strength door and long-lasting
  4. Solid drop bolts- To account for unforeseen floors (to ensure a perfect fit)
  5. 10 Year guarantee- exceeds the industry standard.
  6. Robust and unique locking system- Strength and security.

SECUREQUIP- a retractable & fixed security barrier- effectively protects those whose lives in property may be threatened.

This product is manufactured with a robust and secure locking system (Deadlock and slam lock available) to ensure safety and security for families and workers.

SECUREQUIP- our commitment to quality is evident in the long term guarantee we offer!