Laguna Blinds

Laguna Blinds are the traditional and colonial type exterior patio blinds, well known in the Indian Ocean Tropical Islands.

Laguna Blinds compliment all types of homes, from modern contemporary, Balenesian to colonial, offering a warm natural ambience to your patio and creating an additional exterior room to your home. The blades from this laguna blind are extremely durable and are made from a palm species related to bamboo.

Laguna Blinds serve the purpose of a sun filter without distracting your views and also function as a rain and windbreaker.  The beauty of this blind is that not only does it create an additional room to your home but it keeps the warm air in during the winter evenings and the hot air out during the summer days.

This blind has a special wood protector coating consisting of anti-UV and anti-fungus stabilisers making it extremely durable so that it can withstand all weather conditions.

A wide array of laguna blinds variations are available.

Style: Rustic, Outdoor, Earthly, Green, Eco, Natural

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