A few frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Which blinds are the most cost efficient?

Generally, the most affordable blinds to buy and install tend to be vinyl or aluminium venetian blinds or vinyl roller blinds. However while these are inexpensive up-front they give you very little heat retention.

To reduce heat loss you want blinds that leave as little gaps for air to get through as possible so that air is trapped in the room. Typically shutters give the best insulation as they can be closed with less air gaps than blinds and the efficiency savings over time can offset their initial cost.

Blinds are not usually something you buy frequently, so think long term and buy quality, they may need to last you for years.

Which blinds work well for wet rooms such as bathrooms & kitchens?

Window coverings for wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen need to be waterproof and easily cleanable.



For the bathroom it also helps if they block out light to maintain your privacy! The key choice here is not the style of blind but the material of which it is made.

Wooden blinds and shutters will absorb moisture and quickly buckle. The best materials are typically made of synthetic materials or acrylic-coated fabrics and you can purchase these in popular style choices such as Venetian blinds and Roller blinds.

A good blind does more than just block out your neighbors. It blocks out heat in summer and keeps it in in winter.

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