Blinds Trends for 2015

Sometimes one comes to the realization that it is about time to upgrade an old look to something more modern… For many of us there is a clear understanding of what we want in terms of colour, texture and style for many of our home or office renovation needs but when it comes to blinds, less people know exactly what they want. Most people are unaware of what is stylish, modern and what works or doesn’t. Here are some of our tips:

All Natural:

Organic, reused, recycled, biodegradable, and natural are buzzwords in todays society. When it comes to blinds there are no exception. Many people are upgrading to bamboo, sleek woven-wood panels, and exposed wood grain blinds. They love the natural, neutral feel it brings into their home. These blinds complement most other decor choices and are easier on the environment than some other options.

Colour and Patterns:

Bright, striped, or polka dotted, using your roller blinds or panel blinds to bring a jolt of colour into your home is becoming a popular choice. Browns with accents in vivid oranges and golds remain some of the leading colours, but blue from the lightest aqua-green turquoise, to deep purple-indigo are on the rise as people begin to steer away from the reds that were the long time alternative to brown.

Luxurious Materials:

On the opposite end of simple, rustic, natural roller blinds and panel blinds, luxury fabrics still command a strong place in window covering design. Rich, smooth velvets and sleek silks as well as suede are in demand for spaces that want an air of delightful sophistication.

Whatever trend or style you prefer, you can find a the perfect set of blinds for your home or office here at Blinds Interior!

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